STEM Kindergarten

Kindergarten - Monday-Friday 9:00-1:00

· Next Step Kindergarten and CVSD use the same core curriculum. At Next Step we have the flexibility to accelerate or modify curriculum to meet the needs of each student without the constraints of staying on the CVSD curriculum timeline. Collaborative Literacy (language arts) and Bridges (mathematics) are both phenomenal and comprehensive curriculums.

· Small class size, in addition to highly trained, qualified part-time assistants and volunteer retired educators, allows for rich small group and individual instruction time with every child.

· In depth weekly STEM lessons with our STEM teacher invite critical thinking and problem solving opportunities to elevate higher learning.

· Social studies, including cultural studies, introduce students to the world around them and how they are a part of it.

· Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons have a biblical focus and are introduced during monthly chapel with Pastor Dan. Lessons focus on understanding how each of us are created for a purpose with important roles in our classroom, family, community, and world.

· Art lessons explore specific art techniques and utilize a wide variety of art materials to promote creativity and joy.

· Music lessons focus on cross-curriculum content to enhance learning in a variety of areas. I.e. after studying classical music composers, we listen to classical music during our independent writing time. Music time also serves the purpose of developing a love and appreciation for the art of making music.

· Physical Education and movement opportunities are essential to the physical, emotional, and academic growth of the whole child.

· Our kindergarten teacher is a Washington state certified teacher with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and works in collaboration with other CVSD kindergarten teachers. Our support staff is made up of our STEM teacher, highly trained classroom assistants and competent volunteer retired educators. Next Step kindergarten meets and exceeds all state standards for education with the benefit of a four hour per day schedule.

The child must be 5 years old by Aug 31, 2024.

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