Pre Kindergarten-Panda STEM

4-5 year-olds - Mon-Fri/Sept-June

This 5 day STEM class provides the smoothest transition to an all-day kindergarten class. This class includes all the elements included in other PreK classes with increased focus on S(science) T(technology) E(engineering) M(math) Enrichment Curriculum for one day each week. This class provides the environment most similar to a kindergarten classroom. It is a good fit for children who show interest in extended learning, have a solid attention span, and have the stamina to engage in a 5-day classroom environment. All of our classes include STEM elements but the curriculum for this class allows our teachers and children to explore on a deeper level. Some specific areas of focus include: weight and balance, measurements, light and shadows, symmetry, graphing, properties of matter, magnets, etc. Kids, teachers, and parents are LOVING our STEM class! We have seen exponential growth in every area of development from every child. If your child has the stamina and desire to explore higher-level thinking topics, this class would be the perfect fit!

Child must be 4 years old by Aug 31, 2022 to enroll in the Pre-K STEM class.

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