Our curriculum is written weekly in order to it best meet the needs, interests and growth of each child and class.  The teachers that write curriculum for our program have years of curriculum writing experience and specialize in this area.

Young children learn by moving, building, singing, practicing, cooperating, creating and making mistakes.  The foundation of our curriculum comes from several different sources.  We use Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines, along with local school district Kindergarten Readiness checklists to create our yearly, monthly and daily lesson plans.  We are continually assessing our lesson plans to ensure that they offer experiences to facilitate growth in the areas of social, physical, cognitive, language, literacy and mathematics.

Our teachers are able to skillfully include all elements of learning and are able to include STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) enrichment opportunities.  In addition, we recognize that the academic standards for kindergarten are high, yet children can only learn these skills when they are emotionally confident in expressing ideas and needs.  Every child’s experience will be uniquely tuned to his/her individual development.  Every child develops on a timeline unique to themselves and our goal is that each child is given the opportunity to daily take the NEXT STEP.  Because we have so much to share with your child, you may find that there are projects/activities that we invite families to finish or complete at home.

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